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Who we are

We are a team of very experienced CGI artists who understand modern business and its needs. Our skills cover multiple fields of visual content creation which makes for a complete and extremely attractive marketing solutions we bring to our clients.

We are the ultimate CGI production house where your projects will start living. Light Origin have own in-house know-how and a complete set of skills to provide our clients with best and constant quality in multiple visual fields.

The quality of our work is to us something special. We believe, in long-term, it is most important for commercial success. We will always choose quality over quantity and look for best performance but never compromise on the looks.

The core team members are experts on many useful fields. We hire architects, interior designers, visual designers, animators, human animators, modellers, 3D graphics designers and programmers, to give you the best mix of quality & performance and help our employees constantly develop their skills.

What we have and other do not is huge processing power thanks to our in-house renderfarm. Other companies around the world use our hardware resources to render challenging projects. That is why we are so fast.

What we do

We produce world-class CGI imagery to help communicate products,
new technologies, projects, ideas and industry solutions to the market.
One picture is worth more than thousand words. Now it is more true than ever...


A full range of CGI images of your products. Lifestyle images, cut-out images, quality animations and all kind of imagery you will need for your product launch.


Innovation in automotive industry can be communicated extremely efficiently through our top-quality animations and imagery. We visualize manufacturing innovations and complex, feature-rich systems in an easy and straightforward way.


Global industry leaders benefit from our how-to & installation animations as well as inspiring full-CGI animations that help to present innovative ideas and technologies to business partners.


The best way to human heart and mind is through image. Our imagery assists multiple start-ups as well as global technology players in introducing their new ideas to the world. To make sure people will love and want them.


Using full CGI shots as well as multi-source combined sequences we are able to produce and post produce fast action shots for movies, TV, games cinematics. From real-footage camera tracking, through complex animations and physics simulations to extensive post production and effect layering.


Architecture visualizations with a human touch as well as storytelling CGI animations, virtual showrooms design, VR - interactive and real-time experiences, cross-sections, floor-plans and many, many more. All in-house.

Which brands

In our work there are no boundaries, we work directly or indirectly with local and global market leaders as well as with newly founded start-ups. Our clients are so different as their needs, but we are sure each of them will have a positive experience with us.


Here are just some of our works. Please contact us directly if you want to see more.


Just see what we can do for you.

Phone: +48 616 700 300

E-mail: office@lightorigin.com

Skype: lightoriginstudio

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